How to Lower Your Summer Energy Bill with Controlled Aire Heating & Cooling

How to Lower Your Summer Energy Bill with Controlled Aire Heating & Cooling

Right about the time fireworks grace the sky for Independence Day, Missouri starts to get awfully hot. During this time, the air conditioning often gets turned down to combat the 90+ degree temperature. You’re enjoying your nice and cool living room when you’re suddenly hit with your expensive electric bill and think “yikes.” Before you start to ask yourself if you’d rather have a reasonable electric bill or be able to sleep without breaking into a sweat, try out these tips for lowering your energy bill without foregoing AC this summer. 


Install a Programmable Thermostat


We all know turning the AC up when you leave for work or the weekend helps lower cooling costs. While that’s great in theory, it’s easy to forget to adjust the AC on your way out the door. Programmable thermostats like Nest allow you to adjust the temperature of your home from your phone. 

programmable thermostats help lower cooling bills

Use Your Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage


One nifty trick for keeping your home cooler without turning down the AC is to utilize your ceiling fans as support. In order to reap the benefits, make sure your ceiling fan is pushing air down and not up. If you can’t feel a breeze when you stand under your fan, flip the direction using a switch usually found at the base. To truly save on energy costs, make sure to turn your thermostat up 2-3 degrees and only use the fans in the rooms you’re occupying. 

use ceiling fans to cut down on cooling costs

Hang and Use Blackout Curtains


Blackout curtains are a miracle for light-sensitive sleepers; but they’re also useful in keeping your home cooler. Use heavy curtains to block light during the day when the sun is strongest. You can find blackout curtains in most department stores and Amazon.

Blackout curtains reduce cooling costs

Have Your AC Unit Regularly Cleaned and Maintenanced


Don’t make your air conditioning work any harder than it needs to. Be sure to clean your vents regularly so they’re free of airflow-restricting debris. To ensure your air conditioner is running to the best of its ability, make sure you have your unit maintenanced by an experienced professional like the team at Controlled Aire. 


A close-up of an A/C unit being work on by a certified HVAC professional

Run Errands During the Hottest Part of the Day


The hottest time of day is in the afternoon from about 2-4pm. Instead of running your errands in the morning when it’s naturally cooler outside, save these errands for afternoon. Take advantage of the blasting air conditioning at the grocery store, bank, library or post office. If your errands or duties involve being outside, be sure to do that in the morning or evening. 


woman at grocery store

Cook Outdoors Whenever Possible


Using the oven and range can heat up a kitchen very quickly. Keep your home cool by cooking outdoors whenever possible. What’s better than a summer BBQ? If you’re in the market for a new grill or interested in an outdoor kitchen, check out our page for information on brands and types we carry. 


people grilling steaks

Avoid Heat Buildup During the Day


This applies both to what you’re doing as well as what appliances you’re running. As we mentioned above, using your oven or range can make your home warmer. So can using your dishwasher, dryer, hairdryer, iron or steam mop. In addition to what kinds of appliances or tools you’re using, also think about what you’re doing. Deep cleaning your home in the hot afternoon is going to make the house feel unbearably hot after you’ve worked up a sweat. When it’s really hot, minimize your activity and the activity of your home. Read a book, watch a movie, catch up on some work or call a friend.


Invest in an Energy-Efficient AC Unit from Controlled Aire


Yes, air conditioners are a large investment and no one ever looks forward to replacing them. But if it’s time for you to upgrade your unit, Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling is here to help. Air conditioners have become much more energy-efficient over the years. Upgrading to a newer and more efficient model can save you thousands in the long run. 


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