Reduce Fall Allergies with a Whole House Air Purifier from Controlled Aire

Reduce Fall Allergies with a Whole House Air Purifier from Controlled Aire

As summer fades away and fall makes its way to us, the weather isn’t the only thing changing. It is also around this time of year a new allergen emerges: weed pollen. The source of this allergen comes from a number of different sources including: Ragweed, English Plantain, Cocklebur, Nettle, Lambs Quarter, and Wormwood. While all of these plants reside outdoors, their effects can follow you into your home. Feeling miserable outdoors is one thing, but the last thing you want is to feel as though you have no escape from the allergies. Additionally, dust and dust mites, pet dander, mildew and mold are also other sources of allergens that can reside within the home. This blog will highlight ways to reduce allergens in your home as well as how essential it is to have an air filter in order to breathe in allergen-free air within the comfort of your home.

How To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

You don’t need to solely rely on your home’s air filter to remove all harmful particles from the air. There are a number of simple ways to help control the air quality of your home. 

Reduce Dust Mites

The easiest way to eliminate dust mites is to regularly vacuum and clean surfaces. Dust mites love to hide in thick carpeted areas as well as other furniture that provides lush fabric, creating an easy hiding spot. Additionally, keep a long humidity setting as dust mites especially thrive in humid conditions. 

Eliminate Pet Dander

If you own a pet that sheds, odds are they could be the source of a large majority of your allergies. Our furry friends leave behind a unique dander which many humans are sensitive to, especially if your pet sleeps in your bed with you. Some easy ways to control this include regular grooming and keeping fur short to eliminate the amount of shedding. 

Don’t Bring The Outside In

Say you have spent the day outside. Maybe you hiked some trails or caught up on some landscaping! Either way, you come inside and instantly start to feel miserable. You may think coming indoors will help reduce your symptoms as you are now inside and the culprits (allergens) are outside. Plant allergens are microscopic and freely float through the air until they latch onto something. This means you could easily be the next host for some pollen and it is now in your home. If you spent some time outside, shed some external layers and immediately wash them. Next rinse off your hands, or even better, hop in the shower. Whatever you do, don’t itch your eyes until they have been decontaminated. 

Close Windows and Doors

As much as we all enjoy a refreshing fall breeze, it will only create more opportunities for those allergens to find their way into your home. Don’t even give the pollen the chance to enter your home by keeping it airtight. This includes closing doors, windows as well as reducing areas with a strong draft. 

Why You Should Install an Air Filtration System to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Home Air Filtration System Installation in Columbia, Mo 

While these tips are helpful, there is still more you can do to ensure allergen-free air:install a home air filtration system with the help of Controlled Air. An air filter’s sole purpose is to separate the contaminated air from the clean air. This guarantees those pesky particles that did make it into your home are properly dealt with! For more information on all the benefits of an air filter, check out our blog

Home Air Filtration Filter Replacement in Columbia, Mo

An air filter’s sole purpose is to provide your home or business with clean air. How exactly does this work, though? Essentially, air filters work by capturing harmful air particles such as dust, dirt, pet hair and of course, allergens. The filter allows passage for clean air to then filter through, leaving behind the unwanted air particles. Over time, your air filter will become too crowded with the air particles, forming a blockage that no longer allows clean air to pass through. When it reaches this point, the air filter’s entire purpose is a moot point as it can no longer separate the particles from the clean air. It is as this time we recommend giving us a call so we can restore your filter and have your air quality restored in no time!

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