How To Reduce Home Heating Costs In The Winter

How To Reduce Home Heating Costs In The Winter

When winter strikes in Missouri, all you want to do is curl up and try to stay warm inside your home. You want your house to be an escape from the unpleasant weather outside throughout the entire season, however keeping the cold out can be a pricey endeavor. Avoid racking up steep heating bills by following these tips and tricks for keeping the cold out and the warmth in. 

Ways To Reduce Your Home Heating Bills

Slashing that heating bill is all about mindful living. If you are trying to save money, in order to see real results it is important to be aware of every decision you make and how it may affect your home’s climate. Some tricks are more straightforward while others may require a little more thought. Either way, if you follow this guide, we guarantee you will see noticeable reductions in your heating bill. 

Lower Your Thermostat Setting

One of the most obvious solutions to lowering your heating bill is to simply use less of it! Sacrifice a little bit of your comfort to cut back where you can. Even lowering your thermostat 3 degrees can make a huge difference. A great time to lower your heat setting is at night when you are sleeping because you can easily keep warm with extra blankets!

Utilize Natural Warmth From Windows

The sun is the most powerful source of heat, why not use it to your advantage when you can! During the day, open curtains and blinds to allow the sun to shine through your window. This is a natural way to add some more warmth and heat to your home.

Seal Off Areas Of Draft

Keep the cold out and the warmth in by sealing off high areas of draft. This includes windows, doors, chimneys and any other areas connecting to the outside. If you have a fireplace, close off the chimney when you aren’t using it to make sure you are not losing warmth and replacing it with cold air. 

Circulate The Warm Air

While this may seem like the opposite of what you should do, we recommend turning on a fan. It is a well-known fact that warm air rises. This means a percentage of the warm air you pay for to heat up your home is actually rising to the ceiling. To push the warm air back down to your level, turn your fan on a low setting to circulate the warmth. 

Use Space Heaters

Turn off your heating completely if you are only spending time in one room. Space heaters are a great solution for providing heat to isolated areas. To get the most out of your space heater, turn off the heat entirely, close all connecting doors and crank that space heater up! 

Heater Maintenance

Sometimes, our heaters simply just need a little TLC in order to function at optimal efficiency. Keeping up with preventative maintenance through semi-annual system tune-ups ensures all of your heater’s parts are in good shape! 

Heater Replacement

If your heater has seen been around for a while and seen one too many winters, it may be time to consider a replacement. It’s time to replace your heater when regular maintenance just isn’t doing the trick anymore to keep you warm! 

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