Humidification & Air Filtration

Two Controlled Aire employees driving to a heating and air conditioning project

Whole house humidification helps in so many ways: dry itchy skin, nose bleeds, dry furniture, getting shocked every time you step across the carpet, or turning on/off a light switch. With new hardwood floors humidification is a must.


We sell and install APRILAIRE whole house humidifiers as well as whole house steam humidifiers. These can easily be installed on an existing furnace as long as there is sufficient access to the furnace. Call today 660-263-5620 for more information and to set up an appointment for installation.


We also sell and install CIMATECH whole house air screens. People suffering from allergies benefit greatly with this installed in the place of the regular furnace filter. This filter, which takes the place of the regular furnace filter, takes the smallest of particles out of the air making breathing so much easier. The air smells and feels so much fresher. You will notice a tremendous difference in just hours after having one installed in your furnace. If you are cooking cabbage, fish etc, turn on the furnace fan and your air is cleaned in minutes.


We believe in what we sell so much that we have the air screen as well as the whole house steam humidifier in our own home.

Contact us today to speak to a professional about your humidification and air filtration needs.