Home Humidifiers Make Winter Better

Home Humidifiers Make Winter Better

Humidifiers offer benefits to you and your home year-round, but especially during dry winter months. They aid in soothing dry skin and hair, and they can improve health. Small portable humidifiers are effective in providing humidity to a single room; however, the benefits won’t reach all areas of the house. With a quick and easy installation whole house humidifiers will provide consistent humidity throughout your entire home. All members of your family will able reap the benefits from a whole home humidifier. There are a variety of whole house humidifiers to choose from. Controlled Aire can help you select a humidifier that is best suited for you and your home. Feel the benefits that home humidifier can provide by installing during these dry winter months. We will be with you every step of the way!  


Should I get a home humidifier?

If you are currently using a small portable humidifier in multiple rooms of your home, it is worth investing in a whole house humidifier. Whole house humidifiers function the same as a small portable humidifier but offer benefits on a large scale. Instead of just provided smooth humidified area in one room, it spreads the air throughout the entire house. Warm air holds more moisture in it than cold air. This is why winters are particularly dry and why you feel adverse effects from winter air on your skin. Even if you don’t think that you suffer from the adverse effects of winter air, you might just not know it until you install a humidifier and see the difference that it can make. A humidifier installation provides improved quality of life especially during dry cold winters.


What do humidifiers do?

As it sounds, humidifiers adds moisture into dry air. A humidifier forces moisture into the air which is then dispersed through an HVAC system in the form of an invisible mist. A whole home humidifier ensures that humidity stays at the proper levels. Just as too low of humidity can cause problems, so can high humidity. High humidity provides an ideal space for mold, dust mites, bacteria and other pests to grow. When these irritants starting growing into your home they spread through the air and end up in your lungs. To stay healthy, proper level of humidity must be obtained in your home. Ideal humidity levels are between 30-50% and are easily regulated by your whole home humidifier.  


Why get a home humidifier

Whole home humidifiers can be easily installed into your HVAC system. With different models such as steam, fan powered, and bypass, Controlled Aire can help you select a system that will maximize the humidifiers efficiency and meet your specific needs. Humidifiers have extensive benefits. After installation, you will feel the benefits of breathing and living in properly humidified air. Humidifiers are the number one solution for dryness. Dry air impacts your health and causes cracked skin, dry lips, bloody noses, and irritated sinuses. These symptoms are caused and aggravated by dry air and can be especially irritating for children and babies. Humidifiers ease these issues in addition to aiding respiratory problems including allergies, asthma, and infections.  Breathing humidified air can aid your health and help prevent you from getting colds or flus. Dry air can wreak havoc on your home and antique furniture. Not only do humidifiers help you, but they can help preserve wood fixtures in your home and prevent them from cracking. A whole home humidifier can  help save money on heating bills. Humidified air will tend to feel warmer, allowing you to keep your thermostat on a lower setting and ultimately save money. Home humidifiers offer benefits to every home they are installed in. See the benefits from a home humidifier today! Humidifiers add health benefits and comfort to every home in which they are installed.


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