Make your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams a Reality with Controlled Aire

Make your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams a Reality with Controlled Aire

Mid Missouri's Grilling Experts

Make your Outdoor Kitchen Dreams a Reality with Controlled Aire


In the midst of Missouri winter, summer seems like a distant dream. However, warmer temperatures and backyard hangouts will quickly return. Do you have an outdoor space that’s ready for hosting? If the answer is no, consider contacting Controlled Aire to install a top notch grill to get your backyard ready for barbeque season.


How to Build A Great Outdoor Entertainment Area


Curating an outdoor space is exciting, as there are different things to consider in contrast to decorating an interior room. While bright colors may seem overwhelming indoors, fuschia, teal and yellow are wonderful colors for a fun outdoor design. Since your outdoor entertaining space will be exposed to the elements, make sure the furniture you choose will be able to withstand the elements. Your dining set is most likely going to be the focal point of your outdoor space. You can choose between metal, plastic, wood, and more. Choose your material depending on the feel you want for your outdoor dining area. For example, if you’re going for a more rustic look, maybe choose a wood dining set that has a high quality, weather-proof stain. Websites like Wayfair have great, affordable options for dining sets.


Outdoor Entertainment Systems


In addition to your dining space, you may consider an outdoor entertainment system. You’ll need to consider where to install a TV before purchasing one. Do you have a permanent gazebo that the TV can be installed under? Or, do you prefer to install an entertainment center that is free standing? Regardless of your backyard set up, there are plenty of unique options to fit your needs. You may also consider installing a speaker system in your outdoor space. There can be more noise outside, from nature or nearby traffic, so you’ll want to be sure that your sound quality is still optimal. Additionally, if you aren’t using the speakers when watching TV, you can use them to play music.


Types of Barbeque Grills for your Outdoor Kitchen


Nothing completes an outdoor kitchen space like an excellent grill. No matter your grilling style, Controlled Aire wants to help set you up with the best option for you. We carry three of the top brands in grilling: MHP, Solaire, and Broilmaster. Solaire and Broilmaster both have limited lifetime warranties; and all three brands are made in the USA. In addition to these brands, there are several types of grills: infrared, charcoal, natural gas, propane.


Infrared: These grills use infrared technology to heat the appliance. They heat up quickly and provide consistent heat to sear meat evenly.


Charcoal: The classic option that provides a unique, smoky taste to veggies and meat. These grills are also cheaper and portable.


Natural gas: These fast heating grills are definitely pricier than a charcoal, but their energy efficiency makes them a great investment.


Propane: A popular option due to propane’s accessibility. When your propane is running low, just run out to your local grocer to grab another tank.


Mid-Missouri’s Grill Installation Masters


Regardless of the type of grill you choose, Controlled Aire wants to make sure your installation and maintenance experience is of the highest quality. Ready to get your outdoor space in shape for the warmer months? If you’re interested in a grill installation or just have questions, give us a call.


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